At Streamline Cable Systems, we understand that any disruption to your communications connectivity system


"Streamline has always helped us successfully anticipate, plan, and accommodate our cabling needs, even as our business grows. Their honesty and quality-driven service makes then our preferred solutions provider."

–Digital Insight Corporation
  can result in loss of productivity and, ultimately, lost revenue.

That's why we offer more than cabling technology. We offer you creative solutions that are crafted to your individual needs. We work with businesses large and small, from basic installations to complex copper and fiber implementation projects across multiple floors and multiple structures. We build cost-effective strategies. We create the most efficient system design. And, we look into the future to anticipate and accommodate your expansion needs.

Our philosophy is to provide a transparent device-to-device connectivity solution that offers a trouble-free path from server, to use outlets, be it voice, data video or security. To that end, out craftsmen oversee and manage every aspect of the cabling project to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Our clients benefit from the following
streamlined solutions:
Our goal is to create the most cost-effective, efficient cabling system for each of our clients. Before we begin planning, we listen. And, with your input, we strategize and plan the optimum placement of your cabling infrastructure.

Architectural and Physical Design
We design each cable installation to fit seamlessly with your corporate environment. We can hide it, cover it or flaunt it. And, in every case, we guarantee to place the cable in the most invisible or attractive manner possible.

System and Load Design
What is your cabling need today? And, what will your need be tomorrow? We will assess your present and future requirements–from the number of users to the increased throughput on the wire–to design a cost-effective yet scalable solution.

Compatibility Issues
We provide cabling systems that offer backward and forward compatibility. To be sure, you benefit from technology solutions that are compatible with your current infrastructure, as well as with any forseeable future installation or add-on, making expansion hassle-free and cost-effective.

Network Connectivity
Finding the right cable solution is more than simply laying wires. That's why we ensure that the appropriate cable is installed for every application to reduce downtime and maintain peak efficiency of your network.

The installation of your cabling system depends on the speedy, cost-effective procurement of the necessary elements. Simply put, we provide our clients with the proper equipment in the fastest amount of time and at the best cost.

Codes and Standards
Every city has different building codes and standards, often making the cable installation process complex and difficult. We draw from our extensive industry experience to ensure that we strictly adhere to all requirements. As a result, you benefit from faster, trouble-free installation.

Implementation and Installation
We will adjust out work hours, coordinate with other technology suppliers, and work to overcome any obstacle to implementation. The end result? We get the job done without any interruption to your daily business routine.

You make better decisions about your business when you have the right information at the right time. That's why we keep you informed and updated throughout the entire cabling process–from planning to installation.

Our primary goal is to achieve zero-fault installation. But, our experience tells us that issues may still occur after implementation. That's why we work with our clients to create a plan of action that quickly and safely solves any unforseen complications.

Our job is not complete until you are absolutely satisfied. We take the time to show you where the cable is installed, how it works and how it impacts your business. Equipped with this understanding, our customers maximize the full potential of their new cabling technology.